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Comparative Report III – Driving forces of Social Enterprises in weak-welfare States: comparative study of four Developing Countries

By: Thomas Dietz (University of Muenster) - Urs Jäger (INCAE Business School)


Country: Argentina,China,Costa Rica,Indonesia

Comparative report II – Dancing with the state or the market? Social enterprises relation to other sectors in international perspective

By: Anna Domaradzka and Agata Żbikowska - University of Warsaw


Country: Argentina,Austria,China,Costa Rica,Germany,Spain,France,Indonesia,Israel,Italy,Poland,Sweden,Scotland

Comparative report I – Social Enterprises in FAB-MOVE partner countries; evolution, discourses and characteristic features

By: Katharina Obuch - WWU, Muenster University


Country: Austria,Germany,Spain,France,Israel,Italy,Poland,Sweden,Scotland