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Category business:
Country: Austria,Germany,Spain,France,Israel,Italy,Poland,Sweden,Scotland

Comparative report I – Social Enterprises in FAB-MOVE partner countries; evolution, discourses and characteristic features

Katharina Obuch - WWU, Muenster University

Abstract: FAB-MOVE comparative report I, provides a general overview of the findings from the WP1 country reports which compare the concept, or ‘phenomenon’, of Social Enterprise (SE) in the thirteen Partner countries participating in FAB-MOVE research. The report focuses on detecting common characteristics in the evolution of SE, predominant narratives or discourses about them, and characteristic features of SE sectors. All in all, the comparison outlines differences in the recognition and support of Social Enterprises (SEs) in the participating countries, while also drawing out the similarities. For example, in each country there is great bifurcation of the SE sectors under study. In most cases, two types of SEs are visible. One that resulted from historic traditions, as well as current societal challenges and diminishing protection by the welfare states. These traditional ‘social’ organizations are adapting to the increasingly competitive environment. The other is the so-called "new generation" SEs, which are defined by specific motives and organizational structures, recent founding dates and an independence from state funding.